10 Reasons Why You Feel Sleepy After Workouts

10 reasons why you feel sleepy after workouts

Most people feel sleepy and tired after a workout session when in fact, a workout should leave us energized and fit. Since most of us still have other things to do and will not go to bed right after a workout, we have compiled 10 reasons why you feel sleepy after workouts.

Some scientists think that cytokines secreted during workouts especially during prolonged intense workouts could be the trigger for sleepiness. This chemical- cytokine is the same one that makes you feel sleepy when you are nursing a cold.

This article aims to give you pointers to help you optimize energy so that you stay energized after a workout and for quick recovery after long exercises and training to help suppress the effects of sleepiness.

Feel sleepy after workouts
Feel sleepy after workouts

Reasons why you feel sleepy after workouts

The following are some of the reasons which could be contributing to you feeling sleepy after a workout:

1. Wrong exercise techniques

Many of us get exercise techniques wrong, especially when we are starting out, which is a common cause of sleepiness after a workout session. It is good to consult a trainer to know the right technique of going about your workout. Adopt the right posture and movements as you exercise.

Basic exercise techniques like poor breathing routines increase fatigue because of oxygen deficiency and high energy burnout.

2. Poor hydration

Lack of enough water strains muscles and cause lethargy after a workout. Hydrate before and after working out ensuring that you drink at least 1-2 liters daily. Drink enough water throughout the day every day, whether you have a workout session or not so that you stay hydrated. It is recommended that you drink at least half a liter of water for every hour you work out. Drink water 15 mins before workout.

3. Not eating the right food Protein snacks

The body requires additional energy and nutrients when you work out. Sleepiness after a workout could be an indication that you are not eating the right foods to help your body cope with the demands of the exercises.

A poor workout diet could mean a low energy diet which cannot cope with the intensity of the workout. The right carbohydrates are necessary and important for sustained energy during workouts. Protein snacks will also help to keep your energy up.

Workouts require a different diet from the one you were on before you began. Switch to complex carbohydrates and eat more protein, in addition to healthy fats, before and after working out.

4. Poor sleeping habits

Other than food, there is probably nothing more important for the health and wellbeing of someone who works out. Sufficient sleep is necessary for repair and rejuvenation of the mind and body and you may be sleepy after your workouts because you do not get enough sleep.

Sufficient sleep is necessary
Sufficient sleep is necessary

Sleep deprivation leads to fatigue which triggers feelings of sleepiness- sleep for the recommended duration of between 6-8 hours on the best mattress for comfort and to re-energize.

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5. Inadequate rest between workouts

Apart from sleep, you need periods of rest after working out. Give your muscles time to rest and repair before your next work out. You need to take breaks in between your workouts, a day or two so that your body is not overworked and left vulnerable to more problems other than sleepiness.

6. Low fitness levels

If you are not optimally fit, it is very easy for your body to get tired and for you to feel sleepy after a workout. Cardiovascular fitness plays a key role in stamina for sustained optimum energy levels, that is why people who begin exercising feel these effects more.

To go around fitness issues, you need to engage in a healthy and gradual workout routine, starting with low-intensity and medium workouts as you increase intensity levels. This way you improve your fitness and combat sleepiness.

7. Inappropriate workout routine

You are probably falling asleep after your workouts because you are over-exerting your body and it is not used to the workout routine you are taking it through. This is especially the case with beginners who without the experience and knowledge jump into high-intensity workouts without weaning their system into it. Start with low-intensity exercise s as you gradually scale up to more intense workouts.

8. Not consuming enough meals

Workouts require a certain quantity of food intake for the continued sustenance of energy and for optimal nourishment. Without consuming enough meals, you are exposing yourself to exhaustion and inevitably feelings of sleepiness after working out.

It is recommended that one should eat small meals spread out during the day, up to 6 such meals per day for those who engage in intense workouts. More meals ensure that you have a regular bodybuilding proteins and nutrients for energy to keep you active and alert. Healthy organic meals are the best source of nutrients and energy.

9. Excessive exercise or training

You are probably falling asleep after your workouts because you are over-exercising, which means that you will feel more tired and fatigued. Do not do too much, do enough and increase intensity and length over time as commensurate with your stamina and strength.

Excessive exercise or training
Excessive exercise or training

10. Warm-ups

Every workout session must be preceded by a warm-up session which is effective enough to relax and prepare the muscles for the main exercises. Warm-ups heat muscles in readiness for the stress of the main workout and ultimately prepares and helps the body to cope with sleepiness and fatigue after a workout.


The main point here is that you should do things the right way so that you stay healthy even as you work out. You now know that feeling sleepy after workouts is not unique to you and that there are things you can adapt to keep you from sleeping after your gym sessions.

These 10 reasons why you feel sleepy after workouts give you insights and knowledge on how to go about exercising and training the right way. The best advice is to talk to a trainer before you begin working out for guidance on how to get things right.

Your goals and targets should also be clear and should match the workout sessions you want- for instance, there is no need for engaging in very intense workouts when all you want is to keep fit. There are very effective low-intensity exercises which will keep you fit without overworking your body.

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